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About me, climbing and The Warrior's Way:

Climbing has always held some special place in my mind, as it developed from a childhood pastime to an obsessive way of life. The mental aspect of any activity has always caught my interest as well. Early on, I often wondered to myself, ‘what’s behind all this that I experience?’, and the question itself led me to begin to observe my mind. Competitve youth sports also taught me that, although I might not always win, at least I would not defeat myself, as I saw opponents do repeatedly. “Every experience carries its lesson.”

Not long after taking up climbing seriously, I realized that the rock can be like a clear mirror for observing and training the mind. Few other activities engage us more completely, balancing mental and physical aspects, and in such an immersive natural environment, than rock climbing. In a context such as a challenging trad onsight, having an effective mental game shines brightly.

Arno Ilgner’s Warrior’s Way system provides the perfect bridge between climbing and mental training. It takes the most practical aspects of existing mental training models and skillfully interprets them for the climber, resulting in a powerfully effective curriculum. As a teacher, it is satisfying to see students benefit so much from it. I feel honored to be a part of presenting this material and developing it further, for both climbers and those curious about mental training.