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Trad/Mental Camp:

• 1- or 2-day camp blending mental training and trad climbing, taught at outdoor crags (Differences and similarities of the one-day and two-day formats)
• See Upcoming Clinics for dates and availability.
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Description: This course is specifically targeted toward developing better mental focus for leading trad routes. To accomplish this, we need to develop trust in our gear and jamming ability. We’ll develop this trust by falling on gear, moving continuously when jamming, quick and precise gear placement and improving mental focus through application of the Warrior’s Way. You’ll leave knowing how to take appropriate risks on trad routes with improved mental focus.

You’ll learn to:

• Fall safely
• Give a dynamic (cushioned) belay
• Place and assess trad gear
• Trust trad gear by falling on it
• Assess risks effectively
• Improve commitment and mental focus
• Improve safety awareness
• Improve breathing
• Create flow and momentum
• Deal with climbing stress
• Reduce fear, and more

What we won’t be covering:
• Anchor building
• Multi-pitch transitions
• Jamming skills
• Other basic trad skills

• Able to lead 5.8 sport, or top-rope 5.9 with no falls
• Climb indoors/outdoors at least 1-2 times per week
• At least 6 months of continuous climbing experience within the last year
• Some experience following or leading trad routes




Advanced Trad/Mental Camp:

• Learn advanced mental and trad skills to improve efficiency and effectiveness while on-sighting and redpointing trad routes, taught at outdoor crags.

Description: Improving your performance and taking your trad to the next level requires you to refine the subtleties of jamming, movement, gear placement, resting, falling, and thinking. You also need to balance your desire to send with enjoying climbing for its own sake. You will learn these skills and apply them to on-sight and redpoint climbing.

You’ll learn how to:
• Deal with ambiguity and trust your jams
• Improve movement and commitment
• Place gear quickly
• Refine resting stances and energy recovery
• Trust trad gear by falling on it
• Think critically for risk assessment
• Set goals
• Prepare for an on-sight ascent
• Work a project and prepare for the redpoint ascent
• Balance desire to send with enjoying process

• Know the basics of trad, like placing gear, types of anchors, etc.
• Able to lead a minimum of 5.10a trad routes without falling
• Climb regularly so you are physically fit for this camp.